Need Unban, So sorry for misuse of teleporters

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Need Unban, So sorry for misuse of teleporters

  1. Ok, so i was mucking around with teleporters for fun but then I decided to help the enemy team and put teleporter exits in my base and entrances outside theirs for the spies.

    But the moderator banned me. :(

    I was only trying to help the enemy team because they wanted me to. So plz unban me asap. It was only, like, 4 or 5 spies that got in and they were killed instantly.

    Also, btw, the server is tf2 mario kart v3.0.

    Stay swaggy,

    Wait a fucking second. WRONG WEBSITE. So soz
    (Not deleting this though)
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  2. Sir_Jacko

    Sir_Jacko Game Admin

    You're now banned for life, that is unexcusable.
    Go think about what you've done
  3. mauricemoss

    mauricemoss Staff Member

    I had a word with the admins on the correct server, your ban has been removed. They said please obey the rules from now on and called you a few choice words but I won't repeat that here.
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  4. starblaster64

    starblaster64 Head Janitor

    Good guy Moss saves the day.

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